Enclomiphene Citrate vs Clomid

Enclomiphene Citrate vs Clomid

A drop in testosterone level, can affect you mentally and internally too. Like you frequently get mood swings or lack of interest and concentration on something. It also makes you weak and easily exhausted. Infertility issues also start to occur, like hypogonadism or ovarian impairment, etc.

Hypogonadism or gonad deficiency is a problem for all ages. People say that an old person can suffer more from it. But scientists say that it can happen to any adult or even teenagers too. Let us tell you something about hypogonadism. It is a condition when sex glands produce lesser sex hormones. It can affect other things like low sex drive, and infertility and destroy your sex life. 

So, for treating this drop in Testosterone and other diseases. Clomiphene or Clomid was using for decades. It was effective in increasing serum testosterone. But had some drawbacks too. For this purpose, scientists have done searches and declared that enclomiphene has much more benefits than Clomid. Read the article to get to know more about enclomiphene citrate vs Clomid. 

Define enclomiphene citrate and Clomid.

You may know the general overview or what Clomid and enclomiphene are. Both of them are used to treat infertility. But enclomiphene citrate possesses more characteristics and cures many different types of diseases. 

Enclomiphene citrate 

Scientifically, the enclomiphene citrate has been derived from Clomid. Enclomiphene is a single trans isomer of Clomid. Which is not a steroid and acts as an estrogen receptor. The enclomiphene is the best testosterone booster to date. It is a powerful element that not only rise Testosterone but also makes you fit and fabulous.

That’s why it is declared to be an amazing element. That not only lift your testosterone level but also increase the sperm count of a person. In women, it solves ovarian problems and infertility. 


Clomiphene or Clomid is a mixture of Zuclomiphene and Enclomiphene. One element is of no use as such but enclomiphene balance the functionality of the compound. It is used to treat infertility in women, caused by ovarian dysfunction. Women with PCOS can also use it to get good results. It stimulates the ovaries to start ovulation. But it has side effects and takes more time to show the results than enclomiphene. 

How to use enclomiphene and Clomid?

Enclomiphene is available on market in the form of tablets. Different companies have launched different type of enclomiphene pills. Before starting the course or therapy, do consult your doctor. Because sometimes, they can cause allergies in your body. The dosage is different for men and women. Men should intake 12.5 to 25mg per day. And women should use 25 to 50 mg during menstruation days.

Clomid medicines are mostly made for women with infertility issues. Men can also use it but it is more effective and beneficial for women's ovulation process. So start using 50mg Clomid from the second day of menstruation and continue for 5 days. 

Now you have a clear idea about enclomiphene citrate vs Clomid. From all the discussion, we can guess that enclomiphene is the best option and can be used for other purposes too. 

Potential benefits of enclomiphene and Clomid 

Every medicine has its pros and cons. But the thing is that a drug has maximum benefits and fewer side effects. People were using Clomid for many decades. But it has side effects and the process is also slow. So an element was taken out that become popular among people. This enclomiphene citrate vs Clomid is going to be very interesting. 

Advantages of using enclomiphene 

•    First of all, enclomiphene is used to raise the testosterones. It instantly increases the growth of testosterone by rising the LH and FSH.

•    The infertility Issues like ovulation problems and hypogonadism can easily be solved by using enclomiphene. Low libido and sex drive are also treated by using enclomiphene citrate. 

•    The visible increase in sperm production is also seen by using it. Sperm quality also becomes better. 

•    The body mass and muscles also tend to grow. You start to feel energetic and active all day. 

•    Enclomiphene is a stress reliever, that cools down your mind and controls your emotions. You start to focus more and live tension free.

Advantages of using Clomid

•    The women have ovaries issues like dysfunction or ovulation problems. Clomid is used to induce ovulation in them. 

•    Clomid is used to increase the possibility to release a mature and good for fertilization egg. 

•    Sperm production can also be increased and the sperm motility ratio gets better by using Clomid

•    The chance of having multiple babies like twins or triplets increases, by using Clomid. 

If we take a look at enclomiphene citrate vs Clomid. The enclomiphene always wins the race. Because it is used for multiple purposes and has a greater success rate. 

Adverse reactions of enclomiphene and Clomid

There are common side effects of using enclomiphene. But if your condition starts to worsen, do consult a doctor.

•    Abdominal discomfort 

•    Acne 

•    Swelling in feet

•    Visual disturbance

•    Increased libido

Side effects of Clomid

•    Hot flashes

•    Pelvic pain

•    Nausea 

•    Ovarian enlargement 

•    Spotting

Consult the doctor before starting any medication. Because it may contain any element that doesn’t suit you and cause any allergy. 

Are there any warnings and contraindications of using enclomiphene and Clomid? 

If your health care provider has given you enclomiphene or Clomid pills, he may be aware of its drawbacks. But still, any allergic situation occurs. Immediately consult a doctor. Just keep some points in your mind.

•    Do consult a doctor, before starting using any other medicine with enclomiphene.

•    Enclomiphene has mild reactions with some of the medicines. So it is better to have precautionary measures.

•    Do not overdose or stop using enclomiphene/Clomid without consultation.
•    If you ever have lung or liver issues, do not use Clomid. 

•    The medicine contains androxal. So, if you are allergic to it. Do not use the medicine. 

What is the better option; Enclomiphene or Clomid therapy

If we talk about enclomiphene citrate vs Clomid or enclomiphene therapy vs Clomid therapy. Then enclomiphene is always a better option. Why? Because enclomiphene has a better half-life and it instantly starts working and makes you energetic. It increases your testosterone and also resolves your other issues too. Like fatigue, laziness, anxiety, and focus issues.

While Clomid is solely used to treat infertility in women. It may also increase men's sperm rate, but enclomiphene is considered the strongest element to solve all your problems. Enclomiphene therapy is the latest technique with maximum benefits. And Valhalla Vitality has a grip on it. 

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